GUIG is a window system by NeDolM Inc based on the stable depth management core of GUI XP 2 by Michael Holley.

It was used for the first time in Cube-OS Evolution in the year 2004.

GUIG draws sprites for its graphical apearance, which worked well with the depth management core. It also featured a standard set of components for the user to interact with within an active window, such as:

  • Buttons
  • Editboxes
  • Text
  • Hotlinked texts
  • Images

These components of GUIG allow applications to appear similar to each other and makes it easy to create applications that need such components within a window.

GUIG rev1 and rev2Edit

A revision of GUIG was made to allow window resizing. Soon after that, revision 2 was made, which removed this added feature as it was in constant conflict with the components within the window.

GUIG rev3 and rev4Edit

GUIG had a third revision which added another feature, which was allowing objects within a window as a component. Soon after that revision was the final revision of GUIG.

Yet another feature was added to GUIG to allow it to be used within WestMaQ. A list component was the last added feature to GUIG rev4.


GUIG6 is the successor of GUIG rev4.

GUIG6 basically is the same as GUIG. It only started with one new feature that WestMaQ G6 was going to support, which was the ability to minimize windows.


GUIG6 was halted and GUIG6p ("GUIG6 prototype") was the last version of the GUIG Window System released by NeDolM Inc.

GUIG6p is GUIG with a very intense redesign of the existing components, combined with a new set of components within a new graphical system that allows theme changes.

Here is the complete feature list of GUIG6p:

  • Windows are skinnable (including close and minimize buttons)
  • Text component
  • Editbox component
  • Buttons component
  • Image compnents
  • Object component
  • List component
  • Combobox component
  • Checkbox component
  • Progressbar component
  • Slider compnent
  • Radiobutton component
  • tabs component
  • Hotlink component
  • Realtime components change

GUIG6p was developed for WestMaQ G6, a SubOS that has been dicontinued due to speed issues with GUIG6p; these have always been a problem with the GUIG window system.


GUIG6p has been discontinued due to the speed problems faced during development. There are no future plans yet for resuming the development of GUIG6p.

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