Scubos (pronounced "Skoo-Bows") is a community-developed SubOS planned for development. It is intended to be a first among SubOSes for primarily using web apps for its programs.


Gimix SubOS was announced on the SubOS Dev 03 forums on May 4, 2013, after the forums had seen a couple years of inactivity. This announcement was seen by forum user Liam Jacobs, who then sought to create another SubOS project meant to bring the community back together and strengthen it once again.

The project for developing Scubos, "Operation Scubos", was announced by Liam Jacobs on May 6, 2013 on the SubOS Dev 03 forum.


There is no public release of Scubos yet available, yet some desired features were outlined in its project announcement. According to Liam Jacobs, the project's founder, it is to be a "fully featured web-based SubOS...[w]ith features un-obtainable on current operating systems!"

Similar to Gimix SubOS, Scubos is planned to have its source code available to be edited by the larger community and be inclusive as to who will be able to edit it:

Compiled using Game Maker Studio Scubos is planned to be the very first of it's kind to the SubOS genre. But that's not the good part...the good part is: Scubos is going to be fully developed by the community. From artwork to fonts, from coding to sound effects; Scubos is going to be SubOSDev's baby. Now the first thing going through your head is going to be: "But I don't have GMStudio!" And that's understandable. That's why the OS itself is going to be created in GM 8.0/8.1 and then touched up in GMStudio! Giving everyone the opportunity to get their hands on the source and to really get used to the way we're going to work.

Other aspects of Scubos, such as its interface design, etc., have not been announced yet.

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