A SubOS (standing for "substitute-operating system") is a program that simulates that of a real operating system.

The programs run like any other piece of software on the computer, however when opened immerses the user into an environment that emulates the function and format of an operating system. Like any other program on the computer, it can be closed and started without having to reboot like a real operating system. Such programs take up a fraction of the size of an actual OS.

Today, most SubOS creations are made with the game creation tool Game Maker by Mark Overmars.


Game Maker SubOS creations can be found dating back to 2004-2005 and above. During the early days, such creations were popular on the official Game Maker Community forum and a news site dedicated to SubOS creations only ( NeDolM's SubOS News Site) introduced a new trend of creating SubOSes. However, due to an overflow of such creations the genre of software was banned in order to let the Game Maker Community focus back on making games.

SubOS creations and their developers where forced to have an independent community away from the Game Maker Community. In order to keep the genre of softwares existence, SubOS Dev Forum was launched next to the already existing SubOS News site of that time, then moved to a dedicated better server under the domain as SubOS Dev 2.

SubOS creations became scare during 2007 to 2008. Many SubOS developers stopped their projects and both the SubOS News site & SubOS Dev 2 forum ended their existance silently. During this time, SubOS Dev 03 began, in order to try and re-introduce SubOS creations hence the name new community name SubOS Dev 03 which was not lead by NeDolM Incorperated.

From late 2008 and throughout 2009 SubOS Dev 03 became completely inactive. In mid 2010, SubOS Dev 03 administrator Loaf re-organized forums, achieved old topics, and added a new logo to the forum, then re-invited old and new members, which has since re-populated the website with topics, members, and helped make SubOS creations get back in the spotlight.

Around the end of 2010 a new News site dedicated to SubOS news and technology named SubOS Press has lanuched its way onto the internet and is also led by Loaf.


  • Suboses creations are also referred to as "Game Maker operating systems" in some occasions.
  • Since started, over 50+ subos creations have been uploaded
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